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Mediachase offers a number of innovative and proven software products and solutions used around the world for eCommerce, Project Lifecycle Management, Issues Tracking, Collaborative Data Capture, and Workflow. Mediachase offers a combination of products, services, and rich set of features that provide strong value to businesses while enabling comprehensive customization capabilities.

All of our software products are designed and built entirely on the latest Microsoft .NET technologies and Internet standards and follow best practices architecture and approaches. In addition, Mediachase offers source code licensing for most of our products to provide absolute control, speed of delivery, and risk mitigation for our customers and partners.

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eCommerce Software & Solutions

The Mediachase ASP.NET eCommerce Framework (ECF™) G5 is an end-to-end .NET development framework and solution for building, extending, and delivering professional ecommerce sites complete with integration capabilities. ECF™ G5 is designed and developed using best practices and allows developers and IT organizations ultimate flexibility to extend and adapt ECF™ G5 to virtually any type of commerce business scenario.

Project Lifecycle, Workflow, & Issues Management Solutions

The Mediachase Instant Business Network Platform (IBN) is a comprehensive integrated software platform offering end-to-end project lifecycle management, resource tracking, issues management, and data capture and workflow tools to assist companies in better sharing, tracking, measuring and coordinating projects and initiatives.

.NET Developer Tools and Components

AJAX Calendar.NET

For .NET developers looking for a powerful tool with to create Google-style and Outlook-style web applications, you can save hours of development time, enhance your end user experiences and leverage AJAX to launch professional, fully customizable web interfaces including support for multiple views (Day, Week, Work Week, Timeline, Month, Year, Custom, and more)


Mediachase FileUploader.NET combines the power of the .NET Framework 2.0/3.0 with new technologies for file uploading that provide extensive performance and uploading capabilities for fils of any type or size.

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